Who we are

The DTB is an innovative knowledge network consisting of member companies that cover the entire textile chain, education facilities, institutes and relevant committees.

Our regular events and seminars offer a national and international platform for an open dialogue between experts in order to mutually generate future-oriented solution processes for the textile industry. Accordingly our network’s competences include, amongst other, the fields of sustainability, sourcing, multi-channel and quality management.

Our expertise

    • Decades of experience in the fields of quality management, sustainability and ecology
    • Profound know-how
    • Practice-oriented solutions
    • Professional event-management
    • Factual, neutral and informative public relations work




The DTB history



The articles of the association are being revised and the association is being registered in the Register of Associations of the District Court of Munich. From now on it may use the suffix e.V. – eingetragener Verein (registered association).


The DTB takes one step further towards internationality and is represented at the „Origin Africa“ Fair in Ethiopia. The DTB celebrates its 30th anniversary in Berlin with 150 guests.


On October 16 the DTB joins the „Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien“ (alliance for sustainable textiles), in order to get involved in consulting activities. At around the same time the DTB holds a press conference to present its new publication „DTB-Leitfaden zur Einhaltung von Sozialstandards in der Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie“ (DTB guideline for social standards in the textile and fashion industry).


Mrs Anna Nieß retires. Following an unanimous board decision Mrs Susanne Pass becomes the sole manager of the DTB.


The DTB celebrates its 25th anniversary in form of a celebratory event on the 17th and 18th of November 2010 in Munich.


Was the year of the 20th anniversary of the DTB. During those first 20 years over 12.000 actors of the whole textile industry took part in 500 work-groups and seminars organised by the DTB.

We gratefully congratulate 30 companies for their 20-year DTB membership loyalty.


The 2001 initiated project „Qualitex“, which has been supported by the Bavarian Research Foundation, is being completed.


The 25th DTB-symposium marks another small anniversary for the DTB. The large amount of participants reveals the strong need for dialogue between the textile partners and the constant emergence of new work-group topics. Meanwhile, DTB activities reach the end-consumer due to a cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Consumer Protection.


The DTB initiates the joint research project „Qualitex“. The project which aims to raise quality standards of textile fabrics for clothing is supported by the Bavarian Research Foundation. The official recommendation of DTB Product-Infos by the Federal Association of the Clothing Industry constitutes another success for the DTB.


The DTB celebrates its 15th anniversary. In these years the DTB has built a European network that not only includes members of the industry, but also several research and testing institutes.


At this point the many DTB work-group results are already being deployed in day-to-day operations in the EU and partially even world-wide.


The DTB can proudly look back at 10 years of business. In these past years our work made it possible to break emotional barriers within the industry through an open, collaborative and productive dialogue.


The growing importance of Environmentalism adds a new multi-layered set of tasks to the DTB activities. Moreover, the DTB network has successfully expanded into „non-textile“ industries.


The DTB gets involved in the NMP 521 working committee „physical-technological screening processes for textiles“ in order to integrate the work-group results into the various norms.


The DTB begins its active participation in the European Clothing Commission AEIH, which continues in the Euratex-Commission after 1994.


The DTB is now an integral part of the clothing and textile sector and is officially set up as a „non-registered association“. Willy Bogner’s Anna Nieß takes on the role of CEO.


The company Willy Bogner re-initiates the idea „Dialog Textil-Bekleidung“. Companies of the textile and clothing industry come together in work-groups to deal with those issues and problems that are found on the interface between both industries. The fundamental goal of these work-groups is to develop practical solutions and proposals.
The first central topic is „Quality Management“. This inevitably leads to the big topic area of „Market-oriented Information Systems“ for the textile and clothing industry. The combination of the textile and clothing industry, the trading sector and the service sector build a wide platform for effective work, cooperation and dialogue.


The idea of „Dialogue“ is picked up first when the two textile magazines CTI and Melliand invite representatives of the textile and clothing industry to initiate an exchange and collaboration between the two industries on the topic „quality requirements – quality management“ of woven and knitted fabrics.