Consulting and Communication

The DTB believes in the motto “communication instead of confrontation” and is convinced that problems will be solved faster, easier and more sustainably through an open and constructive dialogue. Expert knowledge is shared through communicating with each other and exchanging experiences.
The outcomes of this philosophy are manifested in the work-group results and DTB brochures.

Our service overview

Europe-wide network

We connect you and thus enable precious perspective changes.

Through open exchange you get the chance to find out how industry partners encounter and successfully handle identical challenges.

Seminars and events

We offer more than 50 events a year on current and future-oriented topics. Our solution-oriented events are characterized by a unique practice proximity.


With more than 30 years of experience, we possess a distinguished range of expertise. We consult our members on the several DTB competences or connect them with the appropriate specialists.

Research work

Being a strong partner at your side and supporting you with excellent services is important to us. We offer a wide range of information on current topics as well as research work on laws and regulations.