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Multi-Channel, Cross-Channel, Omni-Channel, No-Line Commernce – terms that are sometimes not easy to delineate, but they all represent one thing: the changing shopping behaviour of customers, who want to purchase their products from different channels of procurement, preferably „everywhere and at anytime“.
However, what seems easy for the customer, „purchasing a product, paying and receiving“, implies several complex steps and challenges for the distributor in order to ensure smooth processing. The numerous channels of distribution, in contrast to the „Single-Channel-Commerce“ lead to larger and cost-intensive efforts for trading companies.
Apart from purchase procedures, there are several other factors that influence a company’s state of competitiveness:
– Trend research
– Customer management and BigData
– Returns management
– Change management
These topics are examined in different DTB work-groups and seminars and subsequently presented by accompanying best-practice examples during Information Days.

A selection of our service:

  • Information Day “Omnichannel“
  • Digital distribution channels
  • Workshop “RFID”


>>Offer Overview Multi-Channel<<

Project Management
Susanne Paß, DTB
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Digital Channels of Distribution

  • Mobile Field Work Solutions and Mobile CRM
  • B2B-Webshops
  • Integration Possibilities with central ERP/WWS
Project Management


  • Customer Journey in Omni-Channel Retail
  • Legal Solutions
  • CRM
  • Customer Management - Customer Loyalty
  • Returns
Project Management
Dr. Axel Seeger, DTB Vorstand
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Workshop RFID

  • Insight into the RFID-Technology Basics
  • Solution Examples
  • Technological Challenges
  • Efficiency Enhancement
Project Management
Lutz Bodenschatz, sys-pro GmbH
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