29.08.2017 — Reports

Textil-und Modedialog Report

Almost 120 industry representatives from politics, economy and the public sphere met as part of the 6th “Textil- und Modedialog” in the Fabric Club in order to relax and exchange experiences after two exhausting exhibition days.


An exhilarating conversation about Munich’s potential as a fashion city between Mr Christian Dierig and the vice mayor of Munich, Mr Josef Schmidt, opened the evening.
The discussion focussed on topics such as support for junior employees, the city’s development regarding the growing implementation of chain stores and the subsequent decline of small stores, and lastly the possibility of an „open-for-business“-Sunday.
After this, three start-ups had the chance to present their ideas in a „Start-Up-Slam“ – 400 seconds per start-up presentation.

Kay Rathschlag, founder of Antelope Club, started the Slam. He introduced a body-suit with integrated electrodes which seeks to revolutionize physical training.
The Start-Up „Upcycling Deluxe“, which was presented by its founder Mateo Sotomayor, focuses on the issue of sustainability. The product range includes unique items and extraordinary gift ideas that are creatively produced from recycled materials of more than 50 national and international Upcycling Labels.
Mr Sebastian Oehme, co-founder, introduced the company „Suggestio Media“. Suggestio developed a sensor-based system which displays digital outdoor advertising dependent on the spectator and which is also controllable via interaction.
After the various inspirational impulses, the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode | Designschule München in cooperation with the Dancing School Iwanson rounded up the evening with a presentation of the key pieces of the graduates‘ collections under the guidance of Ms Irene Schoppmeier.