29.08.2017 — Projects

Changemanagement – DTB 2020

Our industry is as fast-paced as no other industry. Thus the challenge of always being „up to date“ is extremely big, seeing as the market sets demands for up to three seasons in the future. “One waits for time to change, the other one grabs time and acts” (Dante)

Changing customer needs, competences like time-to-market, digitalization as well as the growing conjunction of all channels dominate company activities.
In order to remain a strong partner on your side, the DTB board, the DTB team and the KHD group started a change development – process optimization and progression.
Together we prioritized relevant topics for the future of our industry, analyzed necessary steps and divided them into seperate project modules.
In the respective working-groups topics such as data managament, communication and price- service- and product policies are being processed.
Eight modules in total have been set up which will not only help to recognize chances and strengths but also implement those.
In the sense of dialogue we would like to transparently inform you about this process from the beginning on and thus let you be a a part of it. These are the eight modules:

Module 1: Mission Statement & USP
Module 2: Communication internal/external, Marketing, PR
Module 3: Product offers / topics, Product Development, Price Policy, Service Policy
Module 4: Internal structure and Procedure Organization
Module 5: Target Group 2020
Module 6: New business models, Partners, Start-ups, etc.
Module 7: Founding the DTB Service GmbH
Module 8: Data Managament, Big Data / Smart Data